A two storey side extension to provide an additional reception room with a master bedroom suite above followed by a complete face lift for the front elevation of this 1970s home.

Barn conversion pic.JPG

This barn leaning against a small single bedroom cottage was used for storage. A hallway was added along the front to connect the three 'bays' of the barn and a first floor structure was installed. The conversion provided three additional reception rooms on the ground floor and two bedrooms and a bathroom on the first floor.

A detached garden room...............


.............and on the same site a private gymnasium against the end of a barn...........


............this is the barn, part way through conversion to accommodation.


An internal garage was converted to accommodation and a new garage added. Not visible here is a large extension across the rear of the house to provide a large open plan kitchen/dining/living area.

A green oak garden room extension off the kitchen of this beautiful country house in south Cheshire.